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CRMbill Partner Program - Launch Offer!

Join CRMBill Partner Program during the Launch Period and get Free 50 User Licenses to distribute to your customers which will be valid for 6 Months. This will allow our new partners to sign up customers at no cost to the partners. This offer is only valid during Launch Period. So sign up now to take advantage of this special offer exclusive to new CRMbill Partners.

Become a Partner for Once off R99

Free Give Away Unlimited x 2 User Licences

  • By becoming a CRMbill Partner you will be able to offer your customers a Free CRMbill Licence. Time period for the free license depends on the size of your business.
  • CRMbill Partners will have the benefit of giving away a Free 2 User Licence instead of a 1 User Licence.
  • This Free 2 User Licence offering is exclusively reserved for our Partners and will not be offered directly by us.

Discount on CRMbill Licences

As a registered CRMbill Partner you will get a recurring discount based on a sliding scale depending on the number of paid CRMbill Licences you have.

Tier Number of Paid CRMbill Licences Discount
Tier 1 1-10 Paid CRMbill Licences 10%
Tier 2 10-25 Paid CRMbill Licences 15%
Tier 3 Above 25 Paid CRMbill Licences 25%

Expand Your Offering

  • Offer CRMbill as a Free Add-on with your services.
  • Offer value added services as on-site CRMbill training
  • You will be able to attract more customers with this free add on

Free Support for your End User

Your customers can directly email for any CRMbill technical support issues if you wish.

Issue Unlimited Trials

CRMbill Partners are allowed to issue unlimited End User Trial Licenses at no cost.

Recurring Income

  • Set your own pricing of CRMbill and generate recurring income.
  • It is recommended that you set your pricing in line with our pricing although you are free to set the price any way you want.

No Maintenance Work Required

  • We manage all setup via our automated system in the background.
  • We manage all upgrades and bug fixes automatically in the background.
  • You or your customers are not required to do any setups or installations.

Get Listed in Partner Area

  • Get your company listed in the CRMbill Partner Area (to be launched soon)
  • Depending on the number of licences sold get listed as Silve, Gold and Platinum Partners.


  • We do offer co-branding on your customers Admin and Client Portal if you wish for a small one time fee of R999.00
  • Your company logo will be placed alongside CRMbill logo

Some Requirements

  • You need to have minimum 3 valid licences issued under your Reseller account to qualify for the recurring discount. - Launch special only
  • You will bill your customers directly.
  • The following are minimum requirements to become a CRMbill Reseller:
    • 1. The one time fee to activate your reseller account is non-refundable.
    • 2. You must have a fully operational website. If not then please contact us to find out if you can still qualify or not
    • 3. You must provide complete details of your business.
  • To activate each new CRMbill Licence you need the following:
    • 1. Your Reseller Code.
    • 1. Unique Domain Name of the end user who will be using the CRMbill Licence.
    • 2. Full name of the end user.
    • 3. Email Address of the end user for verification of CRMbill Licence. We will never send any other communication on this email address.