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Knowledgebase Category : Managing Products and Services

Manage Tax settings

2010/08/19 - This is sales Tax settings. These are used for your income items (services, products) and expense items both. To capture Tax Settings go to "Home > Left Menu > Service & Products > Tax Settings"

Manage Tax Settings
  • Code : Code name for the tax. No spaces or special characters. Keep it to 3-4 character ideally.
  • Name : Description short name for the tax that will be used for the drop down controls.
  • Description : Full descriptive details of the tax.
  • Is Fixed Amount : If this a fixed currency amount and not a percentage. In case of South African companies do not tick this for VAT as this is a percentage.
  • Tax Amount : Numeric value only without percentage sign if its a percentage even.
  • Charge Tax on Total : If tax should be charge on grand total i.e. cart total.
  • Sort Order : This is for future use. This will allow multiple levels of taxes.

  • Setting up Products and Services

    2010/08/19 - Now that you have captured categories as well, you are ready to start setting up your product range. We always add some sample products when we setup your account to give you a easy start. Best would be to Just Copy one of the existing sample products. To start capturing your product range go to "Home > Left Menu > Service & Products > Products/Services"
    This will show you a list of categories on left hand side. You can click on any category that has some products/services have been captured for. Once products are loaded then click on the "Settings" icon (3rd icon). Alternative can click on the Blue PLUS Button at the top of the grid on right hand side.

    Basic Product/Service Settings
    • Service Category : Select appropriate service category.
    • Service Code (SKU) : Short 3-10 letter code. Do not use special characters or spaces.
    • Service Name : Short descriptive name. 3 words ideally.
    • Status : Select appropriate status. ACTIVE will make this product available for ordering in the CRMBill Client Portal.
    • Service Type : Select appropriate service type. This will differentiate whether this is a service or a product.
    • Cancelation Type : Type of cancellation applicable to this product.
    • Cancelation Days : Number of days notice required for this product. This will appeare in the CLIENT PORTAL > SERVICE MANAGEMENT for customers to see so they are aware of the different cancellation policies per product.
    • Billing Invoice Day : This is the day of the month when you want to generate invoices on. Like if you want all your invoices for this particular product be sent on 23rd of every month then please make sure you enter "7". This will mean 7 days before the end of the month invoices will be sent out.
    • Billing Start Day : This is the day of the month when billing is suppose to start every month. i.e. new billing day for a recurring service. So if this service is renewed on 1st of every month then set it to "1".
    • Billing Due Day : This is the day of the month when the invoices for this product become over due. If you entered "7" then this will mean 7 days from "Billing Start Day" the invoice will become overdue.
    • Late Fee Type : Select if you wish to charge Late fees.
    • Late Fee Price Type : Select how often late fee should be added.
    • Late Fee : Numeric value only without percentage sign.
    • Stock Level : Optional field, here you can enter the current stock level.
    • Stock Alert : Optional field, here you can enter minimum stock level you wish to carry always. This will be modified in future to send automatic emails to stock administrator.
    • Contract URL : If this service requires you to get a signed contract from your customer then you can enter the url path of that contract here. Customers will use this URL to download the contracts.
    • Order Button HTML : This is readonly field. This is for future use when you can just place this html on your website anywhere for your customers to directly order from your website.
    • Description : Enter long description of the product here.
    • Short Description : Enter short 20 word description here.
    • Terms & Conditions : Enter any special terms and conditions that are applicable to this product.
    • Requirements : Enter any special requirements for this product that customer should be aware of.
    • Vendor : Select the vendor/supplier you purchase this product from. Make sure you have captured "Users" with "User Type = Vendor".
    • Default Server : This is for hosting services only. Select the server this service should be provisioned on.
    • API Module : Select the API if any.
    • Server Package : This is for hosting services only. Select the server package that this service should be attached to.
    • Is Currently On Special : Enable this if you want to highlight this on your Order Page to give it extra exposure.
    • Is Sold in a group only : Enable this If a product can only be sold along with another product but not on its own.
    • Is Recurring Service : Enable this if this is a recurring service like web hosting, adsl etc.
    • Prorata charges are allowed : Enable this if you want to charge pro-rata charges if the order is place in the middle of the month rather. If left disabled then customer will be charged for the full month.
    • Prepayment is Required : Enable this to make sure your customer and employee aware that service will only be activated once payment has been received from customer.
    • Quanity required in Shopping Cart : If this is a product and customer is allowed to order many then enable this. This is for future use. This will make sure the "quantity" text box appears for this product on the order form.
    • Suspension exemp. allowed : Enable this to allow your employees to allow customers with service from Exemption from suspension. i.e. service will not be suspended if suspension exemption is updated on Customer > Service Management.
    • Signed Contract Required : Enable this if you require a signed contract before activation of the service.
    • Refundable : Enable this if this is a refundable product.
    • User Required : Enable this if your require Customer Information for this product to be ordered. Sometimes you want to offer free products and might not want customer info.
    • Delivery Required : Enable this if this product requires physical delivery to customer residence.

    Setup Pricing
    • User Type : Select the user type for which this pricing will be applicable. This is for future use so select "INDIVIDUAL" for now. This will ensure this pricing is available to all your customers. In future this will be used to offer different pricing model to different type of customers like Resellers etc.
    • Price Type : Select appropriate price type.
    • Price Code : Short 4-10 letter code. No special characters or spaces.
    • Setup : Setup fees that you want to charge. This is always once off. If setup is free then enter "0"
    • Recurring : Recurring fees that you want to charge. If this is once off then set it to "0".
    • Other Price Name : Name of any other type of fees you want to charge. This will be used in future.
    • Other Price : Amount of other type of fees captured. Enter "0" for now.
    • DiscountMessage : If this is discounted price then enter a 10-20 word sentence which will appear on order form.
    • Price Override Allowed : Enable this if you want to allow employees to Override the prices setup by you under Customer > Service >Service Management or when setting up new service orders.
    • Minimum Override Price : Set the minimum price this can be sold for if Price Override is enabled.

    Setup Custom Fields
    • Field Name : Enter short 1-3 words name for the field that will appear on the order form.
    • Description : Enter proper description for this field which will appear as help tool tip against this field.
    • Field Value : Enter value that should indicate to customer/employee what should be entered here.
    • Default Value : Enter default value for this field.
    • Dropdown Options : If this is drop down, then enter a comma separate list of options. Avoice any special characters.
    • Field Group : If you want this field to be grouped with other custom fields then enter the group name. Remember this is matched by exact text so be sure you have exact text captured here.
    • Sort Order : In which order this field should appear on the order form. Enter numeric value.
    • Data Type : Select the data type you expect in this field so validators can validate accordingly.
    • Field Type : Select the control type.
    • Allow Client View : Enable this if you want customer to be able to "view" this field contents in the Client Portal.
    • Is Mandatory : Enable this if this is a mandatory field.
    • Is Admin Only : Enable this if you want only Admin/Employees be able to manage it via Admin Portal. This field will not be available when customers are placing orders from Client Portal. This will only be available in the Admin Portal.
    • Is Service Description : Enable this if you want to use this field value to be used as description in service list and customer invoices. For example if this is "Domain" then you might want to enable this so in invoices customers can see which domain they are paying for.

    Setup Message Template
    • Name : Descriptive short name for the message Template. No spaces or special characters. 10-20 letters.
    • Subject : Subject text that you want to display in the Email Subject.
    • Message HTML : HTML format of the template. Keywords can be identified "$$" sign.
    • Message Plain Text : Plain Text format of the template. Keywords can be identified "$$" sign.

    Load Product Pictures
    • Select Picture : Select normal size product image
    • Thumbnail : Leave it to default value unless you are well aware of your requirements for thumbnail sizes.

    Quick Mail to Service Owners
    This is used to contact all Active customers who are using this product.
    • Department : Select department you want to send this mail from.
    • Subject : Subject Line for email subject.
    • Attachments : Any attachments you want to send with this email.

    Active Product/Service List
    Here you can see all customers and their service usernames who have this service status as "ACTIVE".

    Setting up Service Categories for your products/services

    2010/08/19 - Now that you have created service departments, taxes, service group, you should capture categories of service/products that will be made available on the front end of the Shopping Cart/Order Page for customers to select from. To capture Service Categories please go to "Home > Left Menu > Service & Products > Service Category"

    Manage Service Categories
  • Service Department : Select the Service Department.
  • Make this category public : If this Category should be make public and available on Client Portal/Order Page/Shopping Cart. Sometime some categories you might not want to make public.
  • Code : Short 3-4 letter code without spaces or special characters.
  • Description : Short name for this category. Keep it under 2 words maximum otherwise it does not appear nice in the client portal.

  • Setting up Service Groups

    2010/08/19 - Before you start setting up your products you will need to capture 3 important things. Service Groups, Tax Settings and Service Categories. We will start by capturing Service Groups. Service Group is used to assign service categories to a certain group and also offer discount across a wide selection of categories.To capture Service Groups go to "Home > Left Menu > Service & Products > Service Groups"

    Service Discount Groups
  • Only on Order :This indicates if the discount is applicable once off or recurring. i.e. if the discount should be given on initial order only or recurring.
  • Group Name : Name of Service group disount.
  • Coupon : Name of the coupon that will be used by customers on the order page. No spaces or special characters should be entered.
  • Discount Type : Select the discount type (Percentage or Value)
  • Discount Value : Value of the discount. This should be a numeric value only. No percentage sign.