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Knowledgebase Category : Managing Employees

Capturing Employee leaves

2010/05/11 - Every time your employees apply for a leave from "My Profile", the appointed manager will receive an email who must login and approve this leave. He can do this by going to Home > Left Menu > Manage Employees > Leaves

Manage Employee Leaves
  • Employee : Select employee if you are capturing, otherwise select a Pending Approval leave from the list by clicking on "EDIT" icon in the list.
  • Leave Type : This indicates if its annual leave or sick leave etc
  • Leave Status : This indicates the current status of the leave application.
  • Comments : Any comments entered by the employee. Employer can add further comments here.
  • Reason : Reason given by the employee.
  • Start Date : Start date of the leave
  • End Date : End date of the leave.

  • Capturing Employee Salaries

    2010/05/11 - Every month when you want to pay your employees please capture their salaries here. In future this will be done automatically by the payroll run every month. To capture salaries go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Employees > Salaries

    Add Employee Salaries
    • Month End: Select Month End for which this salary is for.
    • Employee: Select Employee from the list of employees. This will populate some fields like basic salary and ui etc.
    • Payment Date : Enter the date when you will pay the salary.
    • Basic Salary: This is automatically populated. If the
    • Daily Rate: This is calculated by dividing Basic Salary with 20 days.
    • Extra Day: Number of days employee was asked to work extra. i.e. Weekends if thats not part of standard package.
    • Extra Day Lunch Money: Amount you pay him for lunch on the extra days your employee works. If you don't pay any amount then set it to 0
    • Bonus: If any special bonus is being paid to employee this month.
    • Car Allowance: This is populated from Employee Details. You can override it though.
    • Medical Plan : This is populated from Employee Details. You can override it though.
    • Retirement Plan: This is populated from Employee Details. You can override it though.
    • Deduction Info : Any adhoc deductions you want to make from emlpoyee salary this month. Like advance or loan you had issued him and want to deduct some amount every month.
    • Deduction Amount: Basicallt the amount of deduction you want.
    • Award Name : Any special awards like "Employee of the month" etc
    • Award Amount: The award amount for being "employee of the month" etc
    • Total Extra: This is automatically calculated and sums up the above fields.
    • Gross Salary: This is automatically calculated and sums up the above fields.
    • UIF: This is automatically calculated and sums up the above fields and deducts the % from Gross Salary. This percentage was set in "Global Settings".
    • Taxable Salary: This is calculated automatically. After UIF and other deductions and additions excluding Deduction Amount. This is the amount you should calculate Employee Taxable salary.
    • Payee : This is the tax amount you must enter by looking up your countries tax rules and amounts.
    • Net Salary: This is automatically calculated. This is the salary that should be paid to your employee into their bank account.
    • Comments: Enter any special comments for this months salary for this employee

    Changing PIN for Employees.

    2010/05/11 - Please remember you can only change existing PIN . You cannot reset PIN. If you have forgotten the existing PIN then you need to contact for PIN Reset. This process has been implemented to improve security and imitate internet banking like security. To change PIN go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Employees > Change PIN
    Complete this form. Make sure your new PIN is 5 numeric digits.

    How to Issue FIRST TIME PIN for a new Employee?

    2010/05/11 - Once you have setup all your Emloyees, for them to login in Admin Portal they will require a PIN. This PIN can only be generated once per employee. After that Employees are required to change this PIN. Even Administrators cannot retrieve or view this PIN. To generate First Time PIN for your employees go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Employees > Employee List. Select the employee from the list by clicking on "EDIT" button. Once the employee information is loaded on right hand side you must click on GENERATE PIN button. This will only work for employees who have not been issued a PIN before.

    Setting up Employees

    2010/05/11 - Under Employee Management System you can manage your employee list, their salaries, pay roll (upcoming feature), leave management and also employees can reset their login PIN. To add employees you will first have to Add them as Users by going to "Top Menu > Add User". Make sure you set the "User Type" to one of these 3 (Owner, Employee - Permanent, Employee - Contractor). Once you have add all your Employees as Users in CRMBill then you can proceed adding their employment details by going to Home > Left Menu > Manage Employees > Employee List

    Add New Employees
    • Employee Type: Select appropriate Employee Type from the drop down. If you don't the type you want in the list then please contact us to add it for you.
    • User: Select one of the Users that you added above with one of the above mentioned Employee Types.
    • Manager: Select the Manager for this Employee. User and Manager can be same in case CEO is the empoyee you are adding.
    • Employee Number: Enter any meaningful employee number that suites your company.
    • Start Date: Starting date of the employee. i.e. When he joined your company.
    • End Date: Date when this employee left your company. This can be empty initially ofcourse when you hire new staff. Once they leave your company you can update this date.
    • Next Review: This is Salary Review date. Basically here you can set when you want to have next review this employee's salary.
    • Payee Applicable: This indicates if this Employees salary is taxable or not. Every country has different rules when it comes to this. You have to earn a certain bare minimum salary for your salary to be taxable.
    • UIF Applicable: This is specicially for South African employees and indicates if Unemployment Fund (UIF) needs to be paid on this employee and deducted. The percentage is set in Global Settings > Employee UIF and UIF. Although depending on your country needs you can set this to be another type of tax deduction that is levied on employee salary.
    • Starting Salary: Enter starting salary of this employee i.e. when you initially hired him what was his total salary package.
    • Current Salary: Enter his/her current gross salary.
    • Payee Amount: This is the normal Tax Amount that needs to be deducted from his salary every month and paid to the tax man. This is default base value but you can override this each month when paying the salary as the total salary might be different from the basic salary due to over time, bonuses etc.
    • UIF Amount: This is automatically calculated if you have enabled "UIF Applicable" above. This is calculated on the percentage that you have set in "Global Settings > Employee UIF".
    • Medical Plan: If you contribute to Health plan on behalf of this emlpoyee and this amount should be added to his gross salary. Default value should be 0
    • Car Allowance: If this employee receives Car Allowance and this amount should be added to his gross salary. Default value should be 0
    • Retirement Plan: If this employee has a Retirement Plan with company and this amount should be added to his gross salary. Default value should be 0
    • Yeary Leave(Days): Enter total allowed annual paid leave.
    • Job Title: Enter Job title of the employee
    • Job Description: Enter detail job description of the employee.
    • City Of Birth: This would be required for PIN Resets.
    • Special Conditions: Mention any special arrangements that has been agreed with this employee as part of the employment agreement.
    • Click on ADD/Update, once the employee has been added you need to follow instructions on how to Issue CRMBill Login PIN for the first time.

    Setting up rules for Employee in Company Settings

    2010/05/11 - There are only 2 settings in "Global Settings" for employees. Both are UIF related. Please set "Employee UIF" and "UIF". For South African companies this should be "1" without the percentage sign.