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Knowledgebase Category : Managing Helpdesk

Importing Emails into Helpdesk

2010/05/11 - By default on hosted version this time interval is set 15 Minutes. So every minutes all emails from email accounts assigned to Help desk Departments will be imported. On owned version of CRMBill in your own installation you can change this setting by updating Global Settings field "EmailImporterInterval" .

Managing Spam rules for helpdesk email importer

2010/05/11 - To edit spam rules go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Help Desk > Spam Rule

Add Spam Rules
  • Source Email: Enter the email address that you want to block. Any emails coming from this email address along with "subject" will be blocked. CRMBill does not do partial matching. Source Email and Subject has to match 100% for the email not to be imported.
  • Subject: Exact subject line that you want to block.

Setting up Employees access for each Helpdesk Department

2010/05/11 - To assign Help desk agents (employees) to each department you must go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Help Desk > Departments & Agents Once you are here you will need to follow these steps:

Add Agents to Help Desk Departments
  • Load each department one by one by clicking on EDIT icon against each department in the department list on right hand side of the screen.
  • Then on bottom right hand side you will a section Assign Deparments to Users.
  • User Type: Select a User Type from this list. This will load appropriate Users in the User dropdown.
  • Users: Select the User you want to assign Departments to.
  • Departments: Tick off/on the departments you want the selected User to be able to view/reply.
Repeat this process for each user and each department.

Setting up Helpdesk Departments

2010/05/11 - Before you setup your Help Desk department in CRMBill you must make sure you have added all relevant Email Accounts by going to Home > Manage Help Desk > Email Accounts.
To setup Email Accounts please go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Help Desk > Email Accounts

Configure Email Accounts
  • Email: Enter the complete address.
  • Password: Enter the email account password that you use to login email account.
  • SMTP: SMTP Server(Outgoing Server) settings of the email account as provided by your web hosting company.
  • POP: POP Server(Incoming Server) settings of the email account as provided by your web hosting company.
Please add all the email accounts that you will use to import the tickets from and also add all the email accounts that you have specified in Global Settings. This is imperative otherwise you will not be able to see tickets that have been emailed to you. Rest assured security about your information as we use multiple level encryption methods to keep your data safe.

Now that you have configured your email accounts from which you want to import the help desk tickets into CRMBill, now its time to setup your Help Desk departments. To start setting up your Help Desk departments please go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Help Desk > Departments & Agents
Add Help Desk Departments
  • Code: Enter short 3-4 letter code. This is fairly important, because one of these department code will be used in Global Settings to send Arrears reminders from.
  • Name: Enter short name of the department which will appear in the drop down list where required. e.g: Support Desk
  • Email Sender: Enter Email address that will send the mails from this help desk department. This needs to be same as the "Email Account Sender" field. This field will become obsolete in future versions.
  • Email Forward: [Optional] Enter Email address of the Administrator/Quality Assurance Manager, who you want to receive copies of the emails sent to this department.
  • Email Account Sender: Please select the email account that will send the mails from this help desk department.
  • Signature: [Optional] This text can be used in the "Task Reply" message template. This is ideal if want to add different marketing messages to each department to send relevant special related to the department. You can leave this empty as well.
  • Sender Name: This will be the FROM address.

Setting up Knowledgebase

2010/05/11 - First you will need to add KB categories. To do this go to Home > Left Menu > Help Desk > Knowledgebase Category
Enter Knowlegdebase Code, Description and select whether you want to make this category 'Public' or not. This will determine whether these categories will be displayed in the client portal knowledge or not. Once you have captured all your Knowledgebase Categories then you will need to add Knowledgebase Articles. You can do this by going to Home > Left Menu > Help Desk > Knowledgebase.

Category: Here you must select appropriate category for your article.
Make Article Public: If this artcile should be available on Client Portal and your website or not. Set it to false if this for internal employee use only.
Publish the Article: Basically if you are still busy with your article and its not ready for public view then please set this to False. Only once you have finished your knowledgebase artcile you must se this checkbox to True.
Current Rating: You can leave this at 0. This is updated by readers by using 'rate this article' option in crmbill client portal.
Rated By: You can leave this at 0. This is the number of readers that have actually voted for this article.
Viewed By: You can leave this at 0 as well. This is the total number of times this article has been clicked on by readers.
Title: Enter a nice descriptive title for you article here. Try to keep it under 100 characters.
Artcile Content: Here actual content of your article goes. You can use simple HTML Tags in the body of your article.
Artcile Date: This should be the date when you set the article to PUBLISHED.
Author: You can use your nick here or real name, which ever you prefer.

Setting up Predefined Responses for Helpdesk agents.

2010/05/11 - To setup Pre-defined responses to assist your Help desk agents in reponding quicker and unified manner you can setup pre-defined responses. Even your Employees can add pre-defined responses as well to assist fellow employees. To setup Pre-defined responses go to Home > Left Menu > Manage Help Desk > Predefined Responses

Add Predefined Responses
  • Code: Any meaningful 3-4 letter code for the predefined response.
  • Title: Enter about 100 character title for the predefined response. This will be displayed in the dropdown list in Ticket Reply predefined response list.
  • Content: Enter Complete predefined response here. You can include basic HTML Tags here.