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Core Features

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SAAS Help desk & Support

CRMBill’s Help Desk module guarantees that your client's concerns are met with both speed and satisfaction. Take advantage of CRMbill’s Help Desk component and give your business an edge by providing instant remote support to Customers & Employees.

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Web based Help desk

CRMbill comes with Integrated Innovative Enterprise Level Help Desk system. It's not a run of the mill help desk system. Help Desk module is designed for high speed and high volumes. In one quick view it gives you all the information you need to properly deal with customer query. CRMbill Help Desk automatically attaches Customers to tickets even if they just email without any of the relevant information. CRMbill Help Desk module also allows you to import emails sent to your company email accounts. Read emails from unlimited mail boxes and attach to any number of departments you setup. Create Unlimited Departments and assign specific Help Desk Agents to manage specific Help Desk departments. CRMbill Help Desk also manages spam and bulk responses to speed up the system. CRMbill Help Desk is a full system on its own and has many more features. It avoids the pit falls of other help desk systems which just slow down the system overall without providing any real benefits.

Create Employee Tasks

In CRMbill you can create Administrator/Agent tasks as well with due dates and assign to specific Agents. CRMbill also logs automated tasks for certain roles in some events that take place within the system. CRMbill logs task when:

All such Tickets are classified as System Jobs/Admin Tasks in CRMbill Help Desk.

Auto Import Emails

CRMbill enables customers to import directly from email accounts into your CRMbill Helpdesk departments. You can set up different email addresses to import the email into different helpdesk departments. For example, you can create email account and import the emails into the "Support Departments". CRMbill automatically imports emails from multiple email accounts every few minutes and also using your email to department mapping it will import all the mails into relevant departments.

Departments & Agents

In CRMbill you can create unlimited helpdesk department. Against each helpdesk department you can setup different business rules according to your requirements. Each helpdesk department can import emails from multiple or single email address. You can customize signatures and make the departments public or private. You can allow different Helpdesk Agents to manage and monitor helpdesk departments.

Integrated Knowledge base

CRMbill comes with full integrated knowledgebase system as well. You can create FAQ, Knowledgebase Articles and Unlimited Categories. You can also attach files with knowledgebase articles.

Predefined Responses

To best utilize your employee’s time and improve overall performance & quality your employees are allowed to setup Predefined Responses which can be used by any agents in any departments.

Blog, Alerts & Newsletter

CRMbill allows you to post any notifications or alerts which you want your customers to be able to view within CRMbill Client Portal in real time. Same can be done for posting specials and newsletters. You can also post blogs which you can display within CRMbill Client Portal. In near future you will be able display blogs, newsletters and knowledgebase articles via CRMbill API directly on your websites.