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CRMbill Frequently Asked Questions
What is CRMbill?
It is a state of the art integrated automated business management & billing system which handles all the day to day operations of a business, including your customers, invoices, help desk tickets, services and reports.
For whom is CRMbill intended?
It is intended for small and large corporations and for multi-company corporations to manage and view thousands of customers, tickets, services and much more for any of your businesses.
What special features does CRMbill offer?
CRMbill is designed to run small businesses to large corporations. It was designed from the ground up to manage multiple businesses as this is one of the most common requirements. You can setup different billing, service and business rules per company. It focuses on lot of minor details for different industries which are mostly ignored by many other billing systems.
Can I use CRMbill with my existing website?
Yes, you can. CRMbill product management even allows you to generate order buttons just like paypal buttons.
Is CRMbill installed on my web server or hosted with you?
The current version we offer is a hosted solution, although owned version you can run on your own server once it is made available before the end of the year.
Can I migrate from hosted version to owned version which is hosted on my own server?
Yes, you can migrate at any time.
If I migrate to hosted to owned version or vise versa, will I be able to migrate my data as well?
Yes, data can be migrated between both versions as long as version numbers are same.
Can I run multiple companies which belong to different industries under the same license?
Yes, you can run almost any type of industry under single license which supports multiple companies.
Do I need any special programming knowledge to use CRMbill?
You do not need to be a programmer to run the package. If you plan to customize the look and feel, some HTML or ASP.NET experience would be helpful.
In what language is it written and is source code included?
CRMbill is written in C#, ASP.NET & MS SQL 2005. Source code is not included, although on the owned license you will be able to customize the design html of client portal.
Is the price a one-time fee?
Once the owned version is launched, license fee will be once off with 1 year upgrades free.
What are the server requirements?
Once Owned version is launched, CRMbill will require a Windows server running IIS (Internet Information Server) and .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Framework 3.5. It also requires a SQL Server database: SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, or SQL Express.
What currencies are supported by CRMbill?
Per company you can setup any currency using company global settings. You can setup different currency per company. There is no limit on number of businesses or companies, making the billing experience for your customer convenient. In next version upgrade we will offer multiple currencies per company as well using our dynamic real-time integrated exchange rate system.
I don't see my Domain registrar integrated, how quickly can this be done and how much will it cost me?
If you are using one of the registrars which we have not integrated yet, then please contact us and send us the relevant information. We usually do such integration within 2 weeks depending on the volume of work load. Any mainstream domain registrar integrations are done free of charge.
How often are product updates released and what is the cost if any?
For hosted version there are no upgrade costs. Once Owned version is launched 1st year upgrades will be free. Thereafter you can purchase 1 year upgrades and support for $299/year.
Can I offer CRMbill to my reseller customers?
Yes, a lot of our customers currently offer their customer free CRMbill License along with their product offering because CRMbill can work with almost any industry. Please refer to Reseller page for more information.
What is Transaction Manager and Payment Application Logic(charges, payments, cancellations, refunds,credits)
CRMbill Transaction Manager is just like a bank statement and formats it in such a way. Administrator has control over each transaction and can manage them individually. Each single invoice item is a Debit transaction and a single payment which is applied against many open invoices is also a single Credit Transaction.
What is the refund processing system?
From Admin Portal you have full control you each Invoice. A single invoice can have multiple invoice items. You can CANCEL/REFUND any invoice. There are different levels of access allowing REFUND only to certain Administrator Level to keep tight control over REFUNDS. In case the Invoice is REFUNDED, CRMbill logs a Ticket in Help Desk for the Account Manager of your company to perform a actual refund. This is implemented to tightly control Refund process.
How does the CRMbill handle cancellation?
You can control if you want to allow your customers to submit cancellation from their client portal or not. This is very useful because it gives you the chance to convince your customers to stay with your services. Also you can enable/disable cancellation link per client service from admin portal.
Can I import my emails directly into CRMbill Help Desk?
CRMbill Help Desk module also allows you to import emails sent to your company email accounts. It can read from unlimited mail boxes and attach to any number of departments you setup.
How do I know if my payment gateway/provisioning system/domain registrar is supported?
You can email to find out if your gateway is integrated or can be integrated or not.
I have my own credit card merchant account. Can I integrate my merchant gateway into your product?
You can contact us and we will gladly integrate any mainstream payment gateway for free as long as you provide all relevant account information.