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Core Features

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SAAS CRM & Sales Automation

Manage the sales automation cycle from leads, opportunities to confirmed deals and billing. Maximize the capabilities of your customer relationship management (CRM).Forecast better and manage your opportunities effectively.

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Manage Leads & Opportunities

CRMbill is one of the easiest SAAS CRM applications for contact & lead management, sales management, sales pipeline management, customer service and business management. Manage your customers, contacts, tasks and vendors. Keep a tap on lead & track follow-ups, action items and overdue tasks. Report on new & overdue lead activity and dashboards.

Customer Management

CRMBill provides one of the most comprehensive customer management systems around. It can record details about your customers which are relevant to your business. From the Customer Management page you can manage:

Set Customer Groups like Normal, Below Average, VIP, VVIP to cater for special customers Set Customer Complaint Level - sets whether a certain customer is a difficult customer generally to help your Call Center agents when dealing with the customer. CRMBill has a built-in Credit Rating system that is based on: Give customers Credit Limits so their new orders are activated without waiting for payments. This can be used for preferred customers. Credit Limits do not override the Service setup, i.e. when a service is setup not to accept Credit Limit as a factor in auto activation. Configure Trust Level, Fraud Check and Manage customer subscriptions to newsletters and announcements

Marketing Campaigns

Within CRMbill you can create marketing campaigns targeted at specific types of leads, opportunities and customers. CRMbill is THE leading web based SAAS Marketing application for creating, managing, and extending your marketing campaigns. Create stunning marketing campaigns that are delivered directly into the recipient’s mail box and look terrific.

Integrated Promotions

CRMbill allows you to pitch sophisticated promotional offers to existing customers as well. You can choose which service category or service/product the promotion should be run against. You can even choose the targeted payment periods, service status and customer status to target. Administrators can also override service pricing at any time. Use the Admin Portal to override at the time of ordering, or the administrator can do this post order as well. Special prices may be set to once off or recurring.

Follow up Leads

CRMBill automatically sends reminders to customers who have ordered services but have not yet paid. These reminders encourage customers to pay to activate their orders, and are also a useful way of straightening out any misunderstandings or issues that may have arisen with order activations.
Order activation reminders are a good way of up selling. These reminders can be sent regularly at predefined intervals for a certain period You may configure time Intervals for Order Reminders from Admin Portal for each business separately. CRMbill also allows you to set follow up dates for any potential sales lead as and when you receive sales related queries.

Email & SMS Marketing

We include 500 Email Credits and 50 SMS Credits every month which you can use to send marketing emails and SMS' to your customers. The remaining credits are not carried over to the next month and are reset every month. We can provide SMS Credits for almost any country but please contact our sales departments at to confirm if your destination country is supported or not. You will receive Free SMS Credits for one country of your choice. You can also preview your emails using our Test Email tool to see how your email marketing emails will appear when delivered. You can also choose how fast your emails and SMS are delivered to your customers.

Import Contacts

You can also import your contacts from an excel file or CSV file directly into CRMbill. CRMbill provides you with a file template to import contacts from within the Admin Portal or view our knowledgebase to check the file format.

Customer Communications

Managing and tracking all customer communications is essential to any business. CRMbill simplifies this task immensely. CRMbill keeps a log of all correspondence between you and your customers including all email correspondence. CRMbill also automatically maps incoming emails against already registered customers just by recognising the sender’s email address and matching it to the customers within CRMbill. We will soon be launching CRMbill Live Chat and gtalk integration which will also become part of Customer Communication tracking. Account Managers are also immediately notified of any emails sent by their customers and can be seen under the "Quick Links" menu for Account Managers.

Sales Reporting

CRMbill provides many sales reports, such as pending customer reports, pending orders and services, income & expense reports, potential income reports, loss reports due to cancellations and many more. Our developers can also develop customised reports for your business if you require them.