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Core Features

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CRMbill Other Modules

Manage the sales automation cycle from leads, opportunities to confirmed deals and billing. Maximize the capabilities of your customer relationship management (CRM).Forecast better and manage your opportunities effectively.

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Expense Management

CRMbill Expense Management provides you with a very comprehensive expense management tool where by you can create setup your expense items and group them in multiple ways and categories. The friendly user interface makes it quick and easy to capture your expense transactions for each day against selected vendors and expense items. This way of grouping assists you in calculating the exact costs of offering different services as a whole. You can also allocate expenses against VAT Batches and Month Ends of you choice if you are doing back capturing.

Vendor & Supplier Management

Managing your Suppliers & Vendors and all the communications & payments owed against eahc vendors is a critical part of any business. CRMbill Vendor Management allows every business to track all payments made to every wonder, gives central control to maintain all communications and contacts in a single place. You can view which payments are due to which vendors & supplier at what point. CRMbill on-demand Vendor Module which is included as part of the standard CRMbill setup is flexible, simple and scalable enough to address the needs of a small company to large coporates.

Stock Control

CRMbill just doesnt allow you to monitor stock levels and set minimum stock levels against each product but even allow you to capture serial number or bar code of each item in your stock. You can also set the Supervisor who will be sent stock alerts. CRMbill also allows you to manage all breakage and faulty stock.

Stock Warehouse

You can create unlimited warehouses in CRMbill. You can set friendly names for you warehouses which can be names your branches if your business has multiple branches. CRMbill also allows you to enter logitude and latitude of each warehouse which help you track the stock movement between different warehouses on google maps.

Server Management

CRMBill caters for three type of service logs. Every change made to service is recorded in CRMBill Service Logs. Administrators can also create logs/notes manually which other Administrators/Agents can view. Administrator logs are not for public view. Administrators can create Notes which are visible to customers on Client Portal as well.

ADSL Management

Your customers will have access to their own personal Client Portal to manage: