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Core Features

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CRMbill Addon Modules

CRMbill offers a number of add-on modules that are available for a small additional monthly fee, if you require them. They can enhance your existing CRMbill system greatly, and provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Contract Management System

CRMbill Contract Management transforms your Contract Manager's set of tools from spreadsheets and complex systems to a simple, easy to use and automated SAAS based application which gives immediate access to information from anywhere in the world, from any device which is connected to internet. CRMbill Contract Management module allows you to store, track, and manage documents without high costs or a lengthy, complicated implementation process. With CRMbill audit trail you can keep track of every person who has viewed the contracts, who were the authors of the contracts, and keep track of your contract renewal dates.

Survey System

CRMBill’s Survey System allows customers to conduct generic surveys and collect data through custom forms for information gathering, giving them insight into their customer’s requirements and analysis. CRMbill Survey System allows you to create an unlimited number of sections and questions, and helps you design the workflow of a particular survey. You can conduct anonymous surveys and capture any information from customers you deem as necessary. The Survey System also allows you to run competitions among the recipients. CRMbill Survey System offers dozens of features such as skip patterns, sections, question types, custom look and feel. All these features are available for only R49pm, and include 1000 Email Credits Free each month.

Trademark Module

Managing all the trademarks that are owned by a company can be one of most important, but most neglected part of any business. CRMbill Trademark Module can help you keep track of all your current registered trademarks and maintain their current status as well.

Recipe Module

CRMbill Recipe Module is a recipe organizer that allows you to store all your cooking recipes within CRMbill. In the near future CRMbill will be launching a SAAS-based Point-of-Sale system, which is perfect for restaurants. You can create unlimited ingredients and allocate different units and amounts required for each recipe. You can even bundle recipes together to make a single product. This will give you a good idea of the cost that goes into the end product.