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Core Features

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Web based Billing & Invoicing

With CRMBill, you can finally automate all your invoicing and billing requirements in one easy-to-use, versatile software package. Automate, Schedule and Customize branded invoices using our sophisticated CRMBill invoicing system.

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Create Quotes, Invoices

Manage each Invoice from Admin Portal using our SAAS Invoicing. A single invoice can have multiple invoice items. You can CANCEL/REFUND any invoice. Different access levels can be established to allow only certain Administrator Levels to perform REFUNDS in order to ensure that the refund process remains secure.When an Invoice is REFUNDED, CRMBill logs a Ticket in Help Desk for Account Manager of your company to perform a physical refund. This is implemented to tightly control the Refund process. In the case of an Invoice REFUND/CANCELLATION, CRMBill automatically uses these funds to apply payment to any other open invoices. CRMBill caters for pro-rata invoices if you wish to generate invoices once a month for a certain service. CRMBill also caters for standard monthly invoices. You can even set invoice generation dates/days per customer service. Establish global settings for your business level, service level, and customer service level. Choose not to create invoices for certain services, or generate zero value invoices. These billing features are very important for each business because each of your vendors might have different payment due dates, so in turn you can set billing dates accordingly for your customers for certain services.

Automated Recurring Billing

CRMBill automatically generates all the invoices for all your businesses. Now you don't have to worry about whether the invoices are being generated and sent to customers or not. CRMBill take cares of this for you. CRMBill generates and emails all invoices to your customers using the respective branding of each business. You can also create invoices manually if you wish. You can email manually created invoices to your customers. CRMBill automatically records each time an invoice is sent to customer, thereby avoiding any disputes that may arise. A single invoice is generated per customer for multiple Services/Products due on the same date.

Product & Service Management

CRMBill service management is designed to cater for any type of service/product both from a billing perspective and a service detail perspective. You can create Unlimited Fields per service globally and at a Customer Service level. Each service can be linked to any of the integrated modules within CRMBill, if required, to allow automated creation, suspension, and deletion of services. You can specify whether or not certain services are exempt from suspension, require pre-payment, are recurring billing products, or allow for pro-rata billing. Unlimited Billing Cycles can be specified. You can decide on what day of the month certain services should be billed. Multiple pricing can be setup for a single service depending on the type of customer group. You can control the cancellation process by allowing/disallowing customers to cancel services from their Client Portal.

Product & Service Logs

CRMBill caters for three types of service logs. Every change made to a service is recorded in CRMBill Service Logs. Administrators can also create logs/notes manually which other Administrators/Agents can view. Administrator logs are not for public view. Administrators can create Notes which are visible to customers on their Client Portal as well.

Self Service Portal

Your customers will have access to their own personal Client Portal to manage:

Customers can use the client portal to order new services as well. You can do branding on each client portal depending on the business to which your customer belongs to.

Collect & Apply Payments

Correct & fast payment application is essential in every business and CRMBill tackles this in very innovative way. Payment is always applied to the oldest open invoice, so no service is suspended by mistake. All open Invoice Items are visible when applying a payment. Similarly when customers make payments via their Client Portal they are shown a preview of all Open Invoice Items. If a payment is applied to an Open Invoice Item which is a PENDING/SUSPENDED SERVICE then a Ticket is logged for the Administrator to ACTIVATE the service in the integrated Help Desk System. Partial payment of invoice items is also allowed. You can generate taxes and you don't have to manually apply tax against each payment. If necessary though, CRMbill supports multiple tax settings per invoice against each service/product, and can apply tax across an entire invoice or against individual invoice items.

Unallocated Payments

In many cases customers use incorrect references when making payment, which makes it difficult to allocate payments to the relevant customer accounts. In CRMbill you can manage all such payments under Unallocated Payments. Once the correct customer is identified, the payment can be allocated towards their account. This helps you keep accurate track of your total income. CRMbill also automatically sends "Incorrect Payment Reference" warnings to customers who do not use the correct payment reference as specified by you.

Transaction Manager

CRMBill Transaction Manager is like a bank statement in that it formats transactions in a similar manner. The administrator has control over each transaction and manages them individually. Each single invoice item is a "Debit Transaction" and a single payment which is applied against many open invoices is therefore also a single "Credit Transaction".

Private Label Branding

Often when you are running separate businesses, you want to have separate branding. With CRMBill you can setup separate branding for each Client Portal of each business using CRMBill Admin Portal. You can also use CRMBill Admin Portal to setup separate Message Templates per Business per Service.

Multiple Currencies

You can setup a different currency per company. There is no limit on the number of businesses or companies making the billing experience convenient for your customer. In the next version upgrade we will offer multiple currencies per company. CRMBill Multi-Currency uses our dynamic, real-time, integrated exchange rate system for currency conversion.

Suspension & Collection

CRMBill also has a sophisticated built-in Arrear collection module, if it is required by your business. Arrear Collection follows the business rules setup by you for each business and sends repeated reminders, warnings and termination notices. It also creates batches to blacklist customers, if required, on a monthly basis.

Multiple Payment Methods

In addition to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and Direct Cash Deposits, CRMbill also supports other payment methods such as Paypal and Moneybookers for credit card payments, and Netcash for debit order payments.

Auto Payment Reminders

Most businesses want or need to remind their customers to make payments before the payment due date. CRMbill automatically sends payment reminders with all the relevant details to your customers. This encourages customers to make timeous payments on or before their due dates.

Managed Cancellations

Account cancellation is something that all businesses want to avoid. But if this occurs CRMbill enables you to collect all relevant information to assist you in understanding the reasons and patterns of cancellation. This could be extremely important if you wish to keep the churn rate of your customer services/products to a minimum. CRMbill also allows you to enable/disable "Cancellation" for any customer service from the Admin Portal so that you may have an opportunity to convince your customers to change their decision to cancel.